INNATE Postpartum Care
Planning for the 4th Trimester
A class for Mothers and families to prepare for the postpartum period 
October 29 - Nov 19 @ Lewisville Wellness Collective 
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*All bodywork sessions now offered at our new home, the beautiful Lewisville Wellness Collective
In-home bodywork and postpartum care sessions offered in Winston-Salem, Lewisville-Clemmons, Yadkinville, and surrounding areas of North Carolina.* (Yes, we miss you Tucson!)

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Session Offerings

• deep, specific myofascial work aka 'muscle melting'

• biodynamic craniosacral therapy

• Mayan abdominal massage

• INNATE pospartum care for mother/baby dyad

• song, prayer, and ceremony for connection to source/spirit

  • ideas for deep nutrition, stretch, and strength work 

• herbal recommendations, tinctures, moxa, lustral bowls

   Common Side Effects

• elimination of chronic pain

• moving beyond physical limitations in the body

• reconnecting to source, spirit, or God

• recognition of your true worth

  • deepening of trust in your body

• better optimized nervous system 

• increased in mobility and fascial elasticity

  • improved resilience to stress in heart, mind, and body


The body is the sacred messenger,

guiding each of our us on the path to integration.

As we step further on the path,

we ultimately learn to trust our bodies and life.

This is the purpose of the work we do together.

To feel joyful, purposeful belonging

and to remove obstacles so we may live 

in the full expression of our unique, authentic self.

My project-1.png
My project-1.png

About Claire

LMBT #20546

I'm passionate about following our physiological blueprint for thriving life, and aligning with our unique true selves.


I enjoy sending clients home with tools they can use to create basic yoga self-care routines that nourish openness and fluidity in the body. 

I have been practicing massage and bodywork since completing massage and yoga teacher studies in 2012. I hold a BA in Spanish, a Master’s in Secondary Education, and a deep love of teaching and learning. I continue to satisfy my curiosity about the fascinating multiverse of the human body through the lense of following nature's physiological blueprint for regenerative life and making meanings that serve our dreams.


When I'm not in session or teaching, I am playing in nature, making music, or working on our mini-farm with my son and partner in Yadkinville. I am a spiritual child of the great Creator having a human experience, and an advocate for living fully while we’re here. 


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Client Reviews

Claire has an innate ability to get down to the root of the issues. If you're looking for someone to dive right in and address your needs deeply and directly, she is your therapist. Her knowledge of muscle attachments is supreme. She listens to you and your body's signals and asks important questions that allow you to sink deeper into self-awareness; the key to long-term change. Her craniosacral work has been profound for me as well.

- Courtney Bowman, LMT

Claire is truly a gifted & unique healer. I've been working with her for the past two years receiving both massage and craniosacral therapy. Being a bodyworker myself, I am admittedly picky about who I work with. Her ability to hold space and intuit what the body & spirit need is remarkable. She creates a space through presence & stillness for one to feel heard and safe. I always leave a session feeling lighter, more aligned and regulated in my nervous system. I would recommend her services to anyone & everyone!


- Tzipora Kirschner, CPM 

I go see Claire Brock every few weeks. As a Firefighter/EMT my job, workouts, and drills beat the heck out of my body. I simply wouldn’t be able to continue doing my job without the help of Claire. Last year I was injured and couldn’t walk. With a PCL tear, a stress fracture to my Tibia and a quadricep tear I was immobilized for quite some time. After a lot of training and self rehab I was able to get back to my profession and resume doing what I love.. however I spent every single day in pain. Claire’s expertise and techniques have literally eliminated my chronic pain I was in. She has given me range of motion in my whole body that I haven’t had since I was a young boy. She has literally fixed my body and continues to keep me strong and healthy. This allows me to do what I love doing, which is helping my community. Book an appointment with her and I promise you, it will be the best decision you’ve made. 

- Patrick B, Firefighter

To check my availability or for specific questions about my work, drop me a line! 

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