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Why is postpartum care
a necessity
- not a luxury -
for mothers and families
to thrive?
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            Did you know that baby siphons an average of 7 grams of fat per day from mother’s brain during breastfeeding? 

                                                     (- Oscar Sellarach, MD, author of The Postpartum Depletion Cure)


However, new neurological pathways are being created the first 20 - 60 days after child birth as grey matter is re-built in the postpartum brain. 

That’s why can see dramatic shifts in our emotional and mental health depending on the support we receive. 

Postpartum care tending to mother’s needs for authentic community, extended rest, warmth, bodywork, and postpartum-specific nutrition can make all the difference.

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All-too-common Problems

  • Pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti


  • Fatigue and exhaustion


  • Hyper-vigilance, anxiety or a sense of unease, “tired and wired”

  • Sense of guilt and shame around the role of being a mother and loss of self esteem


  • Isolation and apprehension, sometimes even fear about socializing or leaving the house

  • Frustration, overwhelm, and a sense of not coping. 

  • Loss of libido

Possibilities with Postpartum Care

  • Strong core and pelvic diaphragm 

      through knowing your body and appropriate strength training

  • Feeling even better than before birth through this “Golden cycle” of transformation 

  • Nervous system resilience: the ability to relax deeply and enjoy life, and activate and engage with tasks of life as needed

  • Release of comparison and embracing the unique perfection of your role as mother, as the divine bearer and caretaker of life, and root of family and society

  • Authentic community and intimacy: having emotional support for the mess and stress, and people to celebrate your amazing journey with you

  • Feeling strong, centered, emotionally grounded, and excited about your life 

  • Understanding the big shift from prior sex life to creating one that nourishes both mother and father 

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What’s in a post-partum care visit from an INNATE Certified Postpartum Care Provider?

  • Support in rest and co-regulation so that mother can regenerate her life force

  • Postpartum-specific meals including hearty broths and cakes

  • A focus on nourishing the body through massage, movement, craniosacral and self-care

  • Being seen and heard accurately in postpartum transformation

  • Compassionate understanding for the issues, trauma, and blocks we face as we become mothers

  • Having postpartum transformation reflected back to you as a challenging yet regenerative process

  • Practice for mother in asking for what she need and what she wants to thrive

  • Reminders of mother’s divinity

  • Humble ceremonies to honor our sacred birthright of as women dying to maidenhood, and re-emerging,        ​​re-engineered as mothers 


What’s in my toolkit as a mother, bodyworker, teacher, and hearth-keeper?

  • Bodywork - abyangha warm oil massage, moxa, pain relief, abdominal therapy

  • Biodynamic craniosacral work for mom and baby 

  • Meal delivery - warm, oily foods to replenish mother’s building capacity

  • Meal train organization, support and education, for the extended network of friends and family 

  • Light housework

  • Study support/personal book club - health, spiritual, mothering topics or fiction for fun

  • Self-care coaching - abdominal therapy, breast massage, yoni steams, fajas, belly binding

  • Movement coaching - reconnecting and re-building core, glutes, open shoulders and posture

  • Support to heal diastasis recti, prolapse, scar tissue, tearing, pain during intercourse, lack of interest or enjoyment in intercourse, incontinence, or dancing womb

  • Four elements rituals for spiritual support as desired


Postpartum Care Pricing: 

In home postpartum care visits are 2 - 4 hours @ $35/hour. 

Greater discounts are offered via postpartum care packages

to be used for weekly or bi-weekly visits throughout the 1st to 9th month of exogestation.

8 hour package - $250

16 hour package - $500 

32 hours - $1000 - 62 hours - $2000

Full weekly care Fourth Trimester  (9 mo) - 150 hours - $4750


Call today for a free 30-minute consultation: Claire  @ (336) 462-828

Meals offered at additional cost. Inquire for seasonal menu.

If these prices are not practical, please reach out

to discuss how I can best support you in this critical postpartum time.

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My project-1_edited.png

Common beliefs when mother-baby dyad has little to no support after the birth: 


  • I am solely responsible for my baby’s health 

  • This struggle is wearing me down and taking so much from me

  • There is no time for me. 

  • I must sacrifice my well-being for my baby’s well-being.

  • How can I ask for what I need if I don’t know what I need?

  • Who am I to feel good and thrive when so many are suffering? 

More on Brain Fog and Baby Brain

Common beliefs when mother-baby dyad has adequate to abundant support after the birth:

  • I am loved and supported abundantly

  • I trust my descents to bring me wisdom, towards ease and comfort in my transition

  • I am worthy of being healthy and prioritizing me

  • My baby benefits from my wellness

  • I honor my inner knowing of my needs by making specific requests and allowing people to love me by stepping up to support me

  • It is my birthright to walk in grace and dignity on the earth and care for this new life

The psychology and physiology of our lives always have correlations.
How do postpartum issues express in the psychology of an under-nourished mama?

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