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Session Offerings

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• deep, specific myofascial work aka 'muscle melting'

• biodynamic craniosacral therapy

• Mayan abdominal massage

• in-home postpartum care for mother/baby dyad

  • personalized yoga/strength sessions

  • ideas for deep nutrition, stretch, and strength work 

• herbal recommendations, tinctures, moxa, lustral bowls

• song, prayer, and ceremony for connection to source/spirit

  • Journey through the Mirror sessions 

  • Being Health consulting for women

   Common Side Effects

• elimination of chronic pain

• moving beyond physical limitations in the body

• reconnecting to source, spirit, or God

• recognition of your true worth

  • deepening of trust in your body

• better optimized nervous system 

• increased in mobility and fascial elasticity

  • improved resilience to stress in heart, mind, and body



The body is the sacred messenger,

guiding each of our us on the path to integration.

As we step further on the path,

we ultimately learn to trust our bodies and life.

This is the purpose of the work we do together.

To feel joyful, purposeful belonging

and to remove obstacles so we may live 

in the full expression of our unique, authentic self.

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